PCD2.M5540 Processor
PCD2.M5540 Processor

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PCD2 processor unit with Ethernet TCP/IP web and FTP server, file system, CPU with 1 MByte user program (RAM), 1x Ethernet TCP/IP (2x RJ45 switch), USB port for PG5, up to 1024 I/O, expandable with PCD2.Cxx0 or PCD3.Cxx0, 8 I/O module sockets, on-board I/O: 6 interrupt inputs, 2 outputs (PWM), clock (RTC), data protection 1-3 years, RS-232, RS-485 (115 Kbits/s), Profi-S-Net/MPI, 3 sockets A1/A2/C for communication modules